Don't Save Me


1H 21MIN

Availability ended 7/30/2021 EST
Sometimes good doesn't want saving
A country doctor's worst fears that a new blood virus may be hiding something much more sinister come true when his daughter becomes infected, transforming her into a creature with an insatiable lust for human blood.


Directed by Del Harvey

Written by Del Harvey

Production Company Rough Cut Films

Produced by Del Harvey
Joseph Luis Caballero
Israel Marrero
Rob Tillitz
Eric Knopp

Cast Larissa Dali
Corrinne Mica
Grant Stokes
David Bianco
Aubrey Mica
Laura Bednarski
Leland Stanford
Frank John Marabeti
Colleen Mooney
Ric Morgan
Harold Dennis
Brad Scriffiano
Lauren Goldstein
Sarah Bell