Force To Fear


1H 20MIN

Availability ended 7/30/2021 EST
It's Kill...Or Be Killed
Two kidnappers, a dealer, a group of college kids, and a killer converge in an abandoned school. Once they cross paths, chaos ensues, and it's a race to survive the night.


Directed by Chad Bruns
Zane Hershberger

Written by Zane Hershberger
Chad Bruns

Production Company Silver Springs Films

Produced by Chad Bruns
Zane Hershberger
Rocky Gray
Justin M. Seaman
Cindy Hershberger
Sable Griedel
Adam Morgan
Karen Bruns
Jeffrey J. Ellen
Aidan McGarvey
Robert Lanphere
Jonathan McClain

Cast Sable Griedel
Chad Bruns
April Yanko
Mitchell Musolino
Joseph Setticase
Nexus Lyons
Arjun Kumar
Ted Opalinski
Ginny Griedel
Se' Marie
George Saulnier