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On All Hallow’s Eve in the town of Mapleridge, four friends set out for an evening of devilish debauchery. But first? A little pre-party at the new girls house. Unfortunately for them however their spooky shindig, is brought to an abrupt end. Because someone’s arrived to ensure this impromptu gathering is a dud. Blowing in like a violent whirlwind of bones and blood. It would seem the gangs small detour has become a dead end. But the most rotten tricks and treats are yet to come. Now the friends must summon every ounce of courage they have and prepare for a fight, if they hope to survive this Halloween night! “Halloweened.”


Directed by Yaron Nativ

Written by Jon-James Hodson

Produced by Yaron Nativ

Cast Tiffany Bernstein
Will Anderson
Isabella Stuart
Annabel Stein
Nadav Zaguri