Hauschen - A Herança



Availability ended 7/30/2021 EST
A humble cottage in the woods, a young couple lost, and an old woodcutter with a story to tell.
Lost in the woods during a stormy night, a young couple, Maria e Miguel, take shelter in a forest cottage owned by a bizarre lumberjack with an obsession with breadcrumbs. He persuades them to stay overnight but the idea alarms Miguel, while Maria seems to see this place as a perfect scenario to spice up their relationship – a place where, apparently, the lumberjack does not live alone.


Directed by Paulo A. M. Oliveira

Written by Pedro Martins

Production Company The Widow

Produced by Anabela Gonçalves
Carolina Vilardouro

Cast Adriana Moniz
José Raposo
Fernando Pires