Playing with Spiders



Availability ended 7/30/2021 EST
On the eve of ritual suicide, the most devout follower in a spider-worshiping cult receives a visit from a powerful demon. With dawn approac
The Way of Arachnea, a spider-worshipping cult, has made their final preparations to go to The Garden to join their goddess in eternal bliss. When Lydia challenges their leader’s authority, she’s met with shame and humiliation. That night, she's visited by a spider demon who offers her revenge. Should she sacrifice the promise of bliss for the promise of power over her abuser?


Directed by Rylan Rafferty

Written by Rylan Rafferty

Production Company Waterhouse Pictures

Produced by Rylan Rafferty
Brendan Walsh
Catherine McCoy

Cast Kelly Curran
Kristen Henley
Juan Abdias
Laith Wallschleger