The Stairs


1H 34MIN

Availability ended 7/30/2021 EST
They went out for a pleasant stroll, it turned into a dead run
What started as a week-long adventure with friends quickly turns into a terrifying fight for survival in The Stairs. in 1997, a young boy is out hunting with his grandfather (Schneider), when he stumbles upon a mysterious staircase deep in the forest. The subsequent disappearance leaves locals baffled as to the fate of the wayward pair. Twenty years later, a group of hikers set off on an ambitious trail, deep into the same stretch of wilderness. With each step away from civilization they are pulled deeper into the treacherous trap of the mountain terrain where they stumble upon the same set of ominous stairs.


Directed by Peter "Drago" Tiemann

Written by Peter "Drago" Tiemann
Jason L. Lowe

Production Company Wandering Dragon Productions

Produced by Amanda Rae Jones
Peter "Drago" Tiemann

Cast John Schneider
Kathleen Quinlan
Trin Miller
Thomas Wethington
Adam Korson
Brent Bailey
Josh Crotty
Tyra Colar
Stacey Oristano
Russell Hodgkinson
Elena Flory-Barnes
Karleena Gore
David S. Hogan